ssh-host-config produces script warning

Robert Pendell
Thu Dec 11 04:26:00 GMT 2008

NOTE: Resending below message once.  It got flagged as html the first
time around.  Not sure if it made it though as it wasn't archived yet.

While setting up sshd using ssh-host-config it produces a script error
when working with the mount command but still continued to process
through to completion.  This is on a clean cygwin 1.7 install with
nothing else setup yet other than inetd itself.  (I setup sshd as a
inetd service).

The offending line is 79 where it shows the following command:

mount -t -f "${_win_etcdir}" "${_my_etcdir}"

I found removing the -t part allows the script to complete properly
(or so it seems during my debug run).  This particular segment code is
related to parsing the services file in windows and potentially
removing that line from it.  Anyways it appears to be installed
properly and I did a localhost test to check that.

Here is the script error produced when the -t is there during the script run.

mount: unknown option -- t
Usage: mount [OPTION] [<win32path> <posixpath>]
Display information about mounted filesystems, or mount a filesystem

  -c, --change-cygdrive-prefix  change the cygdrive path prefix to <posixpath>
  -f, --force                   force mount, don't warn about missing mount

  point directories
  -h, --help                    output usage information and exit
  -m, --mount-entries           write fstab entries to replicate mount points
                                and cygdrive prefixes
  -o, --options X[,X...]        specify mount options
  -p, --show-cygdrive-prefix    show user and/or system cygdrive path prefix
  -v, --version                 output version information and exit

Valid options are:


grep: /ssh-host-config.4452/services: No such file or directory
grep: /ssh-host-config.4452/services: No such file or directory
/usr/bin/ssh-host-config: line 105: /ssh-host-config.4452/services: No such file
 or directory
*** Warning: Adding ssh to C:umount: /ssh-host-config.4452: Invalid argument

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