ssh-host-config produces script warning

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Dec 11 09:20:00 GMT 2008

On Dec 10 23:25, Robert Pendell wrote:
> NOTE: Resending below message once.  It got flagged as html the first
> time around.  Not sure if it made it though as it wasn't archived yet.
> While setting up sshd using ssh-host-config it produces a script error
> when working with the mount command but still continued to process
> through to completion.  This is on a clean cygwin 1.7 install with
> nothing else setup yet other than inetd itself.  (I setup sshd as a
> inetd service).
> The offending line is 79 where it shows the following command:
> mount -t -f "${_win_etcdir}" "${_my_etcdir}"

Urgh.  I screwed up again.  The embarrassing fact is that I know about
this problem for weeks (or is it months already?)

I'll upload a new OpenSSH package to the 1.7 release area which
fixes that.  If you want to do that at home, open ssh-host-config
with an editor and replace

  mount -t -f "${_win_etcdir}" "${_my_etcdir}"


  mount -o text -f "${_win_etcdir}" "${_my_etcdir}"

Thanks for the report,

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