Cygwin 1.7 domains and home directories

John Morrison
Fri Dec 12 10:21:00 GMT 2008

On Thu, December 11, 2008 5:42 pm, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> Now, *sometimes* when I
>> start cygwin (via the standard batch file) I get ~ to be my
>> "c:\Documents
>> and Settings\[user]\" and othertimes it all works and ~ is /home/morrijr
>> which is mounted to "d:\Wrkfile".  I've not be able to workout when or
>> why.
>> When it doesn't honor the path in my passwd file it also comes up with
>> the
>> "Your group is currently "mkpasswd".  This indicates that
>> the /etc/passwd (and possibly /etc/group) files should be rebuilt.
>> See the man pages for mkpasswd and mkgroup then, for example, run
>> mkpasswd -l [-d] > /etc/passwd
>> mkgroup  -l [-d] > /etc/group
>> Note that the -d switch is necessary for domain users."
>> message.
> John, thanks for reporting this.  I also have this problem in Cygwin 1.7,
> ever since I installed it.  The problem does not occur in Cygwin 1.5.
>> Note that the group file is *very* big (IMO) 6505 entries!  There's only
>> local users and my domain account in my passwd file (16 entries).
> I am also in a domain.  There are 20,300 entries in /etc/passwd, and
> 22,269 in /etc/group.
>> Can anyone suggest anything I can try either to fix or more reliably
>> reproduce the problem?
> Here's what I've been able to figure out about it:
> The error happens the first time I open a Cygwin 1.7 console after each
> reboot.
> On the 2nd and subsequent times after a reboot, bash starts without error
> and finds my correct $HOME.  I can log out and log back in, and the next
> console will open without error.  Reboot, start a console, and I get the
> error again.
> Does that also happen to you?  A clue for sure, though I have no idea
> where it's pointing.

Agreed, it happens the first run, but, I just updated my OpenSsh package
and *that* broke it once.  Close the broken terminal and launch another
and no problems...  However reinstalling OpenSsh doesn't result in a
broken terminal. :(


PS, sorry Andrew for sending the first just to you!

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