cygwin and cygwin-xfree lists to merge

Phil Betts
Fri Dec 12 13:57:00 GMT 2008

Christopher Faylor wrote on Wednesday, December 10, 2008 5:49 PM::

> The historical reasons for merging the cygwin and cygwin-xfree lists
> no longer seems to exist so I am contemplating merging the two lists.
> If anyone has a compelling reason why this should not happen please
> send it to one of the two lists.  If I don't hear a coherent argument
> against doing this, I'll throw the switch over the weekend.
> Btw, I'm only mildly sympathetic to arguments like "It will be more
> email for me".  I'm more concerned with having to constantly shuttle
> people back and forth between the two lists.  Unless there is a
> compelling argument to the contrary, I think that the fact that people
> are confused about which list to use outweighs the increase in email
> traffic for people who just want to hear about cygwin/x.
> cgf

Although I currently have rules to put the two lists in different mail 
folders and it works well for me, but I'd also be perfectly happy with 
the change.  There are plenty of borderline issues where it's not 
clear (to the user at least) whether the problem is X related or 
cygwin related, so a unified list removes any need to speculate.  With 
the 1.7 release now officially available for public test, there are 
bound to be issues in X apps, where the cause is really in the cygwin 
DLL, so merging the lists asap will save everyone having to play the
guess-the-list game.

A couple of things to consider (although you're probably way ahead of 

Will mail sent to the xfree ML email address be diverted (or mirrored)
to the cygwin ML?  Human nature being what it is, it's unrealistic to 
expect everyone replying to an old thread to remember to change the 
To: line.

Also, what will happen to the archives?  Will they be merged too?  If
they are, any links to xfree archived posts (both within the ML 
itself, and also from bookmarks/blogs/forums/other MLs/etc) will be 
broken.  Would it be possible to alias the old URLs to avoid breaking 

If the archives are not merged, the threading should at least be 
maintained (both ways) between the old xfree list and the merged list.
(i.e. a reply to a message on cygwin-xfree which goes to the cygwin ML
needs the References entry to point back to the xfree archive, and the
xfree message needs the Follow-ups entry to point to the cygwin 

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