Cygwin 1.7 domains and home directories

Andrew Schulman
Fri Dec 12 16:27:00 GMT 2008

OK, so for us domain users, the first time we start a login shell after a
reboot, the shell can't set our $HOME correctly and we get an error message. The
second and subsequent times, there's no error.  Other events such as installing
openssh may also cause the problem one time.

The way I figure it, since the error happens in the first login shell but not
the second, the first shell must be changing something in a file somewhere that
fixes the problem for later shells.  To find out what file that might be, here's
what I did:

1. Rebooted.
2. Started a Cygwin 1.5 shell, and ran 'touch /tmp/timestamp'.
3. Started a Cygwin 1.7 login shell, and got the error message.
4. Went back to Cygwin 1.5, and ran

$ find /win/c/cygwin-1.7 -newer /tmp/timestamp

So, it seems that the first login shell is updating one or more of /tmp,
/var/log/wtmp, and/or /var/run/utmp in a way that fixes the problem for later
shells.  And so the cause of the problem would seem to lie in one of those

Not rock solid, but maybe useful?

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