how to find where alias's are defined

Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E]
Mon Dec 15 00:28:00 GMT 2008

ScKaSx wrote:
> I want to know the location of alias's in cygwin.  I made afew awhile
> ago and now can not determine where they are located.  When I type
> 'alias' I can see the ones I made but it doesn't tell me a location.
> Is there an option I can use to do this?  Thanks.

Aliases don't have locations in the file system.  They can be *set* in
startup files of your shell or at the command line and the shell
remembers them.  If set at the command line, they are not remembered
after the shall is closed.  If set in a startup file, the shell gets
"reminded" each time it is started.

See the documentation for your shell, e.g.,
        man bash
        info bash

- Barry
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