ssh-host-setup is adding user to Deny Terminal Services login

Paul Keeble
Mon Dec 15 11:48:00 GMT 2008

The user who runs the ssh-host-setup command is being denied terminal services login, which when you are running the setup over terminal services is a bit of a worry! I don't get kicked off the moment it happens but it needs manually correctly before log out or access to the box remotely will be lost.

Cygwin setup - 2.573.2.2
openssh - 5.1p1-9
openssl - 0.9.8i-1
Windows 2003 server

Steps to reproduce
run ssh-host-config. Don't use privelege separation, do install sshd as a service, keep the settings to just ntsec and enter the account to create as the current user.

The problem can be confirmed by using gpedit.msc and finding the Deny Terminal Services login group - the current user account will now be listed when it was not before.

Is it necessary to block terminal service access for the running user and if so why?

If its not is there a workaround I could use so this does not happen when running ssh-host-config?

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