Wrong output of id.exe respectively no SSH login possible...

Carsten.Porzler@spb.de Carsten.Porzler@spb.de
Mon Dec 15 11:52:00 GMT 2008


on some servers (Windows Server 2003, SP2) we have the problem, that the 
passwd and group file are not interpreted correctly, obviously.

If  I execute the tool id.exe without parameters, I get back the following 

uid=400(<username>) gid=401(mkpasswd) groups=401(mkpasswd)

If we we run id.exe withe any username as parameter, I get back the 
following line:

id: <username>: No such user

It seems, that the passwd and/or group file does/do not exist, but the 
files are correctly (the files are the same one we use on every of our 
servers). I test also with new created passwd and/or group files with only 
very few lines in it.

By every process using  the files passwd and group (e.g.  id.exe or an ssh 
authentication process) the files are accessed and read by these processes 
(I can see the on filemon tool within Windows).

But now the crazy thing: If I run id.exe with high frequenzy one after 
another (e.g. in a loop within a cmd-Skript), it works fine: id.exe gives 
back the correct resolution of the user- and group-ids, the ssh logon 
process works fine.

What could be the reason of such a problem?

Thanks for help in advance and

best regards

Carsten Porzler

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