cygwin and vista x64

Mojmir Svoboda
Thu Dec 18 11:39:00 GMT 2008

hello dear cygwinners,

i have used cygwin happily until i got this new machine with vista x64

i'm perceiving a lot of "fork: resource temporarily unavailable"
there seems to be connection with bash which crashes most often, but if
i run for example make of bigger project, then echo and g++ crashes too.
i tried msys and i noticed similar problems.

// later note: now i got error: bash.exe: *** WFSO timed out after longjmp

i appologize for my ignorance, but i have no idea how do you debug
cygwin itself (i am not windows person). do i have to do debug build
or is there a symbol map available? do you use gdb, windbg or doest
debugger really matter? i'd really like to provide more info.

best regards,

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