pyyaml package

Chad Gorshing
Fri Dec 19 02:38:00 GMT 2008


I am writing because #6.1 on the FAQ says to "You should also announce
your intentions to the general cygwin list, in case others were
thinking the same thing." in regards to "How do I contribute a

Lately I have begun using pyyaml on a few projects and when using
cygwin, I install pyyaml manually.  It is trivial enough and I don't
have a problem doing this.  But I started wondering why this wasn't in
cygwin to start with.

I have searched the mailing list and so far I have not found anything
related to pyyaml.  Also as I have never contributed a package I will
be slow to start up, but I was curious if anybody felt this would be a
bad idea or already thinking about it or doing it?


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