is it an FAQ: cygwin startup sequence

Kermit Tensmeyer
Mon Dec 22 00:15:00 GMT 2008

I' ve looked. I'm not finding the information. I'm searching for the
sequence of events that goes from clicking the shortcut to the
presentation of a command prompt (usually bash)

I'm trying to solve a persistent problem it's happened to me on four
different workstations. I've wiped everything, and re-installed from
scratch several times, and my problem reasserts it's self. I haven't
seen it mentioned. but almost everything else is :-) so if I can
figure it out, i might be able to solve my problem.

+  I'm looking for a pointer to documentation relating to the script
startup sequence.

My problem?  Each time that I start I get an error message that
indicates that in some script (not sure which ) sed is being executed,
but isn't found. It's true sed.exe is not in /bin.
  on several occasions, I have reinstalled the sed package (using
setup.cmd and use the same setup method that originally installed the
current installation)   Two day's ago I reinstalled the sed package
again. I copied the sed.exe to /usr/local/bin and to ssed.exe in /bin
or /usr/bin.

today sed.exe is missing -and- /usr/local/bin is empty.   ssed.exe is
still there.

 + how does the directory structure get setup? (is /usr/local/bin
being recreated from somewhere else?
 + is there something that is uninstalling the sed package?  (other
files in the sed package ie documentation are also missing) however
the package manifest (used when installing, upgrading or reinstalling)
insists that the package is already installed

something is walking on top of my installation, and I don't know why.
it's likly in some script. The only script sequence that I haven't
traced is the startup sequence

kermit tensmeyer at g mail com something else

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