Named pipes (blocking problem)

Christopher Faylor
Mon Dec 22 19:14:00 GMT 2008

On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 07:04:59PM -0000, John Emmas wrote:
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> Subject: Re: Named pipes (blocking problem)

Why are you duplicating the subject in the body of the message?

>>Cygwin tries to emulate linux/POSIX.  CreateNamedPipe is not a
>>linux/POSIX function.  Cygwin does not implement Windows functions.
>>So, no, Cygwin does not implement its own versions of CreateNamedPipe
>>or ReadFile.
>>As I suggested, if you want to build a pure Windows program, you
>>shouldn't be using Cygwin.  Use MinGW instead - .
>Thanks for the clarification.  As it happens, the program is jackdmp
>for which (I believe) MinGW binaries are available.  However, in this
>case, my client apps would be Cygwin programs.

They can't really be full Cygwin programs if they are using ReadFile and
CreateNamedPipe.  If you mix Cygwin I/O with Windows I/O there is always
the potential for problems.

>Can Cygwin's compiler successfully cross-link to MinGW binaries (libs)?
>I've never tried although I've occasionally tried to cross-link a
>Cygwin executable to a lib compiled using Visual C++.  The results have
>tended to be very hit-and-miss.  The link seemed to work okay but the
>resulting app would often misbehave (e.g.  at run time, Windows might
>complain that the procedure entry point for one or more functions
>couldn't be found).

If you are not doing "stdio" type I/O then you may be able to intermix
objects.  No guarantees.


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