Named pipes (blocking problem)

John Emmas
Mon Dec 22 19:46:00 GMT 2008

Thanks for that link Christopher.  It was very helpful.

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From: "Christopher Faylor"
Subject: Re: Named pipes (blocking problem)
> Why are you duplicating the subject in the body of the message?
I know this is something that irks you and you often complain about it but
in fact, it can be very helpful to people with low resolution monitors.  In
this particular case, it won't make a vast difference because my subject
heading is only about 30 characters or so.  But if the subject heading is
lengthy, it will get truncated by the email client if the user has a low-res

Here's an example (not wholly relevant but it'll suffice for explanation
purposes).  A message I received from cygwin-ports has the subject:-

Re: [Cygwin-ports-general] Revised patch set for X server 1.5.2

In Outlook Express, all I can see of that subject is this:-

Re: [Cygwin-ports-general] Revised patch se...

By the time people have added "Off topic" or various other things to a
subject, the subject itself can become so truncated as to be useless.
Including it in the body of the message means that people don't need to keep
adjusting their client panes to read headings that have become too long to
fit inside their client's "subject" column.


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