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Ben Kamen bkamen@benjammin.net
Tue Dec 23 08:01:00 GMT 2008

Hi all,

 I'm sorry for posting this here if it's inappropriate for the list, but I already tried 
the correct list (I think) with a reply to post it here.

So I'll re-post here in the hopes I can't get some instruction as to what I should
do or a reply from a developer.



Ben Kamen says on Oct, 13th 2008:
> Subject: Problem with TCL libraries 20080420
> Hey guys (anyone listening?)
> I recently updated my cygwin TCL library and the -mode switch disappeared from fconfigure.
> The TCL folks mentioned that if no serial devices are present on the machine the package is compiled on, then -mode for fconfigure is no longer made an option. (or something like that).
> So currently, fconfigure and it's ability to manipulate serial ports is broken.
> Unless I'm wonky and need to do something extra (which I didn't need to do with my last install)
>  -Ben 

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