Is it possible to install cigwyn application passing the setup?

Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Wed Dec 24 00:26:00 GMT 2008

Alexander M. Batishchev wrote:
> Hi.

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> Is it possible to install an application from cigwyn via any method, except
> setup?
> What for is there Cygwin Package List search, if the result for example
> 'uname' contains nothing about 'where a package or file lives in the Cygwin
> release'?
> Maybe I'm wrong, please tip me how to do that.

'setup.exe' is the supported way to install any Cygwin package.  While
one could certainly find another way to properly install a package, it
wouldn't be supported by this list and you'd miss out on all the fun of
installing it through 'setup.exe'. ;-)   The 'Cygwin Package List' page,
<> , is used to find out what package a
particular utility is in.  The intent is that a user that knows what
utility he/she wants but not which package has it can find this out.
Armed with the package name of the desired utility, the user can then
use 'setup.exe' to install that package.  Using your example, if I
simply type in 'uname' to the search, it returns a number of hits.
Installing all of these packages will get you 'uname' but that would
be overkill (especially since some of the packages returned from this
simple search are source. ;-) )  If you instead use '/bin/uname', you'll
see you get a much smaller list and that you're pointed to the
'coreutils' package exclusively.  Installing 'coreutils' with 'setup.exe'
gets you 'uname'.

FWIW, 'cygcheck -p /bin/uname' will get you the same information, if you
have an active Internet connection at the time that you initiate the

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