ssh-add fails in Windows Vista

Sat Dec 27 08:49:00 GMT 2008

I just had the exact same problem.  Here is an excerpt from my strace output:

  169 1091739 [main] ssh-add 5856 cygwin_getsockopt: WinSock SO_ERROR =
   82 1091821 [main] ssh-add 5856 cygwin_getsockopt: 0 = getsockopt (3,
65535, 0x1007, 0x22C884, 0x22C888)
   83 1091904 [main] ssh-add 5856 __set_errno: int cygwin_connect(int, const
sockaddr*, socklen_t):806 val 111

I made sure all my firewall software was turned off but this still happens. 
Could you suggest what I can do next to debug this?  Help appreciated.

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