Installation fails to create fstab correctly on Server 2003

Robert Pendell
Sat Dec 27 08:57:00 GMT 2008

I have attempted to install Cygwin on Server 2003 and it seems to fail
due to an improperly created /etc/fstab file.  I have the errors created
during the initial load, the fstab contents (minus comments) and the
cygcheck.out file as required for error reporting.  I'll wipe out and
check to see if the incomplete fstab file is the cause of all the errors
and issues that occur.  It may also happen that adding C:\cygwin\bin
will 'resolve' the issue.  Doubtful but I'll have it there as well for
the upcoming checks.  I had added it before doing the cygcheck just so
that it would find some of the utilities.  Oh and the first couple of
lines from the first load issue also repeat themselves in the cygcheck

initial run first load:
      3 [main] bash 3500 read_flags: invalid fstab option - '0'
    462 [main] bash 3500 read_flags: invalid fstab option - '0'
Copying skeleton files.
These files are for the user to personalise
their cygwin experience.

These will never be overwritten.

bash: /usr/bin/install: No such file or directory
bash: /usr/bin/install: No such file or directory
bash: /usr/bin/install: No such file or directory
bash: /usr/bin/tr: No such file or directory
bash: /usr/bin/sed: No such file or directory

/bin /usr/bin  binary 0 0
/lib /usr/lib  binary 0 0

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