Cygwin struct alignment

John Emmas
Mon Dec 29 18:30:00 GMT 2008

Christopher / Reini - thanks for your tips.

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From: "Reini Urban"
> Which "Cygwin compiler"?
> I have about a dozen compilers in my cygwin environment.
> If you mean gcc-core-3.4.4-3 or gcc-mingw-core-3.4.4-20050522-1 please say
> so.
Oops sorry, I did miss out that important fact didn't I?  I meant

>  Cygwin per se infers no struct alignment at all
I'll be doing some further checks tomorrow but up until now, the struct
alignment of gcc-core-3.4.4-3 seems to match MS Visual C++ when VC++
is set to 8-byte alignment (at least - it matches it more closely than when
I set VC++ to 1-byte alignment).  I'm not suggesting that either compiler
is at 'fault' in any sense;  they just do the same job slightly differently.
This is why I want to find out what happens when they're both set to
"no packing".



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