Charles Wilson
Tue Dec 30 05:57:00 GMT 2008

> 2008/12/29 Andy Koppe:
>> Unlike PuTTYcyg, MinTTY discards PuTTY's networking functions, which are
>> already convered by Cygwin's ssh and telnet packages. This results in
>> simpler configuration, a leaner interface and small code size. MinTTY's most
>> obvious difference to rxvt is its native Windows interface and configuration
>> dialog.

Me likey. It will be interesting to play with the codepage support
(already present, apparently) in this terminal -- perhaps UTF-8 +

The obvious similarity between MinTTY and rxvt is that both use pty
emulation to communicate with the inferior, which can sometimes cause
issues when running "native" (e.g. non-cygwin) applications. But, that's
not a /defect/, per se, just something that users should be aware of.

This looks like a great addition to the cygwin-related toolbox. I look
forward to seeing where you go with this in the future.

Reini Urban wrote:
> Line cursor: hmm.
Changeable in options dialog.

cygwin/rxvt "maintainer"

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