Robert Pendell
Tue Dec 30 14:12:00 GMT 2008

Andy Koppe wrote:
> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> It will be interesting to play with the codepage support
>> (already present, apparently) in this terminal -- perhaps UTF-8 +
>> cygwin-1.7...
> That would be interesting indeed, and hopefully I haven't broken any of
> PuTTY's Unicode support. Just set the codepage to UTF-8 to try (assuming
> MinTTY compiles and runs on 1.7, which I haven't yet tried).

It runs on 1.7 but does not appear to execute the shell as a login one.
 I use bash and .bash_profile never gets executed when using MinTTY
directly.  I can help you debug it if you wish.

> Is there an overview somewhere about the Unicode features in cygwin-1.7?
>> The obvious similarity between MinTTY and rxvt is that both use pty
>> emulation to communicate with the inferior, which can sometimes cause
>> issues when running "native" (e.g. non-cygwin) applications. But, that's
>> not a /defect/, per se, just something that users should be aware of.
> Good point. I should mention that on the project page.
>> This looks like a great addition to the cygwin-related toolbox. I look
>> forward to seeing where you go with this in the future.
> First off, documentation. :)
> Thanks,
> Andy

Beyond that one little bit you did a great job otherwise.

The create_shortcut.js script is assuming a 1.5 setup by searching for
and parsing the 1.5 registry keys which may or may not exist on a 1.7
setup.  While I can setup this myself manually (I actually already did)
it may be a good idea to check out the /etc/fstab file format and parse
that.  The starter dir will be located at HKLM\SOFTWARE\Cygwin\setup
with the parameter 'rootdir'.  It is a string dir.  There is no trailing
slash on my install here.

BTW, If anyone is having trouble running the script the below command
will allow you to run it regardless.  .js is also associated with
JavaScript and not just JScript.  I had .js associated to Notepad+ on my
system so it wasn't just a double-click and go.  Maybe re-write the
script as VBScript instead?

In a command prompt with the location of the file as the current dir
(e.g. if the file is on your desktop then %USERPROFILE%\Desktop should
be your current dir)
cscript //E:JScript desktop_shortcut.js

You may replace cscript with wscript if you want window popups instead.

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