Mouting network drives from Cygwin ssh client

Jeenu V
Tue Dec 30 15:41:00 GMT 2008


I've a Cygwin ssh server up on Windows XP. My home directory on the
host is a network drive (H:) which I'm able to acess locally as
/cygdrive/h. When I do ssh to localhost using PuTTY, I'm unable to
access the /cygdrive/h path - the mount command only shows c: mounted
as /cygdrive/c. I can neither create directory h inside /cygdrive nor
mount h: to there - it says no such file or directory. Also there are
error messages when I log-in because of /cygdrive/h being
inaccessible, because it's the home directory. Please tell me how to
access this network drive via. ssh.


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