Robert Pendell
Tue Dec 30 21:22:00 GMT 2008

Robert Pendell wrote:
> It runs on 1.7 but does not appear to execute the shell as a login one.
>  I use bash and .bash_profile never gets executed when using MinTTY
> directly.  I can help you debug it if you wish.

I stand corrected here.  I checked some more.  The batch script (which I
forgot that I used the cygwin default one) runs bash automatically with
'--login -i' appended to it.  I also found that you can run a command
when mintty runs as the shell.  I modified cygwin.bat to execute mintty.
 Looks like mintty doesn't detach completely on it's own so I appended
'start' to the beginning to it.  The program will continue to run but
the black box will disappear.  If start doesn't work then use 'cygstart'
instead as that one is supplied by cygwin.  Basically the last line of
cygwin.bat was changed to show as...

start mintty bash --login -i


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