Linker Errors?

Dave Korn
Fri Feb 1 16:42:00 GMT 2008

On 01 February 2008 16:22, Richard Head wrote:

> I get the following output when I try and link 3 object files to form my
> exe. 
> gcc main.o fusionFileIO.o fusionAlgorithms.o -o fusionTK.exe
> fusionFileIO.o:fusionFileIO.c:(.rdata+0x0): multiple definition of
> `_BAD_IMAGE' main.o:main.c:(.rdata+0x0): first defined here
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> make: *** [fusionTK.exe] Error 1
> "BAD_IMAGE" is a constant declared in a header file used in all 3 of the
> object files.
> Where am I going wrong?

  You need to refresh your memory on the difference between a declaration and
a definition.  

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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