HowTo setup cygwin + sshd using hosts.allow and hosts.deny and use detailed logging

René Berber
Sat Feb 2 00:10:00 GMT 2008

Martin wrote:

> Thanks again for your input.
> Without you it would not be possible to solve my problem.
> The Solution for running denyhosts under Cygwin as a Service including your
> wonderful cmd:
> cygrunsrv -I DenyHosts -p /usr/share/denyhosts/daemon-control -a start -d
> DenyHosts -f "DenyHosts 2.6" -y sshd -x /var/run/ -o
> To set the owner to SYSTEM:Administrators for the denyhosts directory

Not really, the only directory that needs a change in permissions is 
denyhosts/data, sorry I forgot I had made that change... probably found 
out just like you, by looking at logs.

> Like this:
> In the dir /usr/share
> chown -R SYSTEM:Administrators denyhosts
> This is needed because if you run the service denyhosts under the SYSTEM
> Account it will start as the User SYSTEM but this user is not allowed to run
> denyhosts

To run or to access it's work files?  I'm sure it's the later (since 
that's the way I have it).

> I found out this by poking around with User rights and User owner.
> A good trick is to install it in the rc.local, install init as System
> service and then redirect the output to a file.
> By magic the file has also the owner SYSTEM:Administrators
> Thanks again for being patient with me.

Glad I could help.
René Berber

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