HowTo setup cygwin + sshd using hosts.allow and hosts.deny and use detailed logging

Sat Feb 2 17:32:00 GMT 2008

Hello Rene!


Thanks again for your input.
Without you it would not be possible to solve my problem.

The Solution for running denyhosts under Cygwin as a Service including your
wonderful cmd:
cygrunsrv -I DenyHosts -p /usr/share/denyhosts/daemon-control -a start -d
DenyHosts -f "DenyHosts 2.6" -y sshd -x /var/run/ -o

To set the owner to SYSTEM:Administrators for the denyhosts directory

Like this:
In the dir /usr/share
chown -R SYSTEM:Administrators denyhosts

This is needed because if you run the service denyhosts under the SYSTEM
Account it will start as the User SYSTEM but this user is not allowed to run

I found out this by poking around with User rights and User owner.
A good trick is to install it in the rc.local, install init as System
service and then redirect the output to a file.
By magic the file has also the owner SYSTEM:Administrators

Thanks again for being patient with me.


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