VIM I/O error with Vista SP1 RC
Sun Feb 3 17:47:00 GMT 2008


Recently I installed Vista SP1 RC  v.668 (Vista Vista Ultimate) with Cygwin DLL 1.5.25.

Now VIM seems to fail to write out files properly.  Here are the symptoms

1. If I delete the last characters in a file and write it out from inside VIM the last character is converted into a '\n' (newline character)

2. If I delete the last line in a file and write it out that line remains in the file

3. If I delete content from the middle of the file a equal amount of the end of the file is duplicated at the end of the file so the file size remains the same.

Seems like someone (most likely Vista) is writing out the same buffer size and not writing out a smaller buffer.  The same version of VIM worked fine before the Vista RC1 update.

Has anyone seen this problem?   or should I download  the source to VIM and try to debug it.


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