Memory leak problem reported with gfortran

Tim Prince
Sun Feb 3 21:10:00 GMT 2008

Jerry DeLisle wrote:
> I have confirmed this problem on Cygwin reported here:
> I am not very familiar with the windows environment.  Having patched 
> most of the gfortran I/O library in the last 2-3 years I can say that 
> we do a lot of memory allocation for I/O.
> On Linux based systems we do not see any issues (checked with 
> valgrind).  This problem acts like a failure to free memory.  I do not 
> know what is meant by the term "handle" other than a pointer to an 
> allocated block of memory.
> Those of you most familiar with the Windows environment could perhaps 
> help here.    Is this a bug in Cygwin memory management?
> I will be happy to provide additional information as soon as I know 
> what is pertinent.
> I have latest Cygwin as of about two weeks ago and I can provide a 
> gfortran binary if needed.
I wouldn't be surprised if each cygwin installation acted somewhat 
differently.  On my Core 2 Duo laptop, if I run from the bash prompt, it 
hangs after the first prompt.  If I run under gdb, it exhibits no 
problem.  If there's any interest, I'll try the Pentium D tomorrow.

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