Warning msg: multiple cygwin1.dlls

Fergus fergus@bonhard.uklinux.net
Mon Feb 4 06:28:00 GMT 2008

Sorry to return to this old favourite. For ages (years) I have had both 
/usr/bin/ and /bin/ set in my PATH and cygcheck -srv reported both as 
d:\bin. I just removed the latter from the PATH and now get exactly one 
report of d:\bin.
BUT cygcheck -srv still claims
Warning: There are multiple cygwin1.dlls on your PATH.
As far as I can tell and I have been SCRUPULOUS there is exactly one, 
not many, and it's in the obvious place d:\bin. I'm not getting any 
problems with functionality. Nor do I want to trouble you with output. 
But could anybody else running XP Pro SP2 try
$ cygcheck -srv | grep "multiple"
and see what they get?
(I get the warning message with Vista too, but in that case the platform 
seems to me to be so unutterably flakey I don't really care whether it 
reports problems or not, since they are surely due to it and not to Cygwin.)
Thank you.

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