undefined reference to `_msgDebug' in GCC

Phil Betts Phil.Betts@ascribe.com
Mon Feb 4 15:40:00 GMT 2008

Anik Pal wrote on Saturday, February 02, 2008 9:05 AM::

> I am trying to using a library in my code whose default compiler is
> MSVCRT. When I try to compile that code in cygwin GCC environment I
> get the following errors
>> undefined reference to `__chkstk'
>> more undefined references to `_msgDebug' follow
> Can anyone tell me which cygwin-mingw library to be added to get rid
> of this linking error?
> My make file linking option I'm providing as follows
> -LF:/geolog6.6.1/lib -lcgg -lgeolog6  -llicence -llogs_dll -lPGILc_dll
> -lPGILcTool_dll -lcgs -llmgr9a -LD:/cygwin/lib -lcygwin
> -LD:/cygwin/lib/mingw -lmsvcrt -Bstatic -LD:/cygwin/lib -lm

First, don't use windows pathnames.  Cygwin is a POSIX environment,
so use POSIX pathnames (I.e. "/cygdrive/f/" instead of "F:/")

Second, you're linking with cygwin AND msvcrt and potentially also
mixing cygwin and mingw libraries.  Don't do that.
The cygwin, msvcrt and mingw are fundamentally incompatible.  
[Although it is possible under very specific circumstances to mix
cygwin and msvcrt, it requires knowledge of the internals of both
libraries, and if you had that knowledge, you wouldn't have posted 
your question, so the advice stands]

Make your mind up whether you want to write a POSIX program or a
Windows program and stick to your decision.

Third, let the compiler choose the C runtime library.  You don't
specify -lcygwin, nor the path to the standard library locations,
so the only -L you need is "-L/cygdrive/f/geolog6.6.1/lib"

Fourth, libm is integral to cygwin1.dll, so you don't need -lm.
The math library supplied with cygwin is only a stub to support 
makefiles such as yours that assume it's necessary.


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