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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Mon Feb 4 16:14:00 GMT 2008

Pedro Macanás wrote:
> How can I use Gnome in Cygwin. 
> I installed (setup.exe) Cygwin with X server and Gnome packages, but when I
> type "startx" Gnome does not begin (I would prefer when I open Cygwin, it
> would automatically go to Gnome).
> I would also include a package similar to apt-get (that could read the fetch
> script). So, I could download the Linux packages in my Windows computer with
> Internet connection (at work) and install them in my Unice (Linux) computer
> at home (I have changed home localization; before I could use ADSL and now I
> must use Vodafone HSDPA Mobile Internet, with wvdial).
> Finally, I send you the address of the Cygnus Wikia:

Please don't commandeer other threads for your own use.  If you have
something to say that doesn't relate to existing threads, just send a
new email message with the new topic to the list.  Replying to an existing
message links that reply to the existing thread, even if you change the

Any chance you'd be interested in maintaining the official Cygwin FAQ and/or
documentation?  That would be a big help to the Cygwin community.

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