Warning msg: multiple cygwin1.dlls

Fergus fergus@bonhard.uklinux.net
Mon Feb 4 17:58:00 GMT 2008

Phil Betts wrote:

 > cygcheck tells you where each of the DLLs are.  Since you don't want
 > to trouble us with output, you could at least read it yourself ;-)

Thank you. The two entries for cygwin1.dll that result in the Warning 
message are
being, in fact identical. Since not everybody gets this I deduce that my
mount settings are eccentric. But in fact these are merely

$ mount -m
	mount -f -u -b "d:/bin" "/usr/bin"
	mount -f -u -b "d:/lib" "/usr/lib"
	mount -f -u -b "d:" "/"

and I can't see anything odd. I attach cygcheck output. Any illumination 
would be greatly appreciated.

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