Warning msg: multiple cygwin1.dlls

Marco Atzeri marco_atzeri@yahoo.it
Mon Feb 4 21:05:00 GMT 2008

--- Fergus <> ha scritto:

>  >> You also have a lot of this:
>  >> Found: D:\bin\rm.exe
>  >> Found: \bin\rm.exe
>  >> Warning: D:\bin\rm.exe hides \bin\rm.exe
>  >> Are you running cygcheck from within the /bin
> dir?  If so,
>  >> does the bug still arise if you run it from a
> different cwd?
> I was running cygcheck from HOME when I got all the
> ".. hides .." 
> warning messages. Running cygcheck when located at
> /bin [attached] is 
> much neater with no messages of this kind.
> But I still get Warning: .. multiple cygwin1.dlls ..
> message.

normally cygwin is not istalled on the root
of a drive

C:\cygwin      /          system  binmode
C:\cygwin/bin  /usr/bin   system  binmode
C:\cygwin/lib  /usr/lib   system  binmode
.              /cygdrive  system  binmode,cygdrive

while on your system
D:      /         user    binmode
D:\bin  /usr/bin  user    binmode
D:\lib  /usr/lib  user    binmode

as for windows 
D: is not equal to D:\

is it possible that is confusing cygcheck ?


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