CIFS symlinks on network share break Cygwin

Jonathan Lanier
Mon Feb 4 22:05:00 GMT 2008

> On Mon, Feb 04, 2008 at 11:05:18AM -0800, Jonathan Lanier wrote:
>> Any comments from NetApp?  Doesn't, like, Christopher Faylor work for
>> them, or something?  :)  I've been told that they troll here...
> I work for them but I'm neither a troll nor am I involved
> Netapp technical support.  The only other person I know who
> works for Netapp who posts here is a package maintainer who
> also undoubtedly has no insight into CIFS issues.
> cgf

OK, fair enough.  We have a service agreement with NetApp so I'm
probably going to talk with my IT department to get a ticket opened on
this issue.

In the meantime I'm still having problems.  Apparently, even though
commenting out the SE_BACKUP_NAME privilege fixed direct OS calls from
breaking, the stat() function is still returning incorrect information.
So I'm digging through Cygwin source now to try and find out why that
is.  (sigh)

I'll keep the group posted on any findings I have, both for a workaround
and from NetApp.

Thanks for the help,
- Jonathan Lanier

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