Setup.exe 2.573.2.2 unable to retrieve mirror list and setup.ini/setup.bz2
Tue Feb 5 14:16:00 GMT 2008

I can open the mirror list with IE. I tried both, using the IE settings and providing it with the proxy information myself in setup.exe. The log reflects this,
i.e. it says "net: IE5" or "net: Proxy". 
Setup.exe could say how this connection failed, failure to connect to the server or a "File not found" response or
a DNS lookup failure. Additionally it could specify explicitely which network settings have been used, i.e. Proxy server and port, or elaborate on the settings 
retrieved from IE. I do believe that the problem lies in the local network settings, probably in combination with the way setup tries to obtain the files
but without further information I cannot verify anything.

Is there a backup method with which I can trick setup.exe into believing that I have the files already or provide them locally? I couldn´t find anything
about this in the Documentation. By simply providing all files locally I could install cywin after downloading all necessary files to my computer.


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On Tue, 5 Feb 2008, Marek.Jawurek wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I downloaded today´s setup.exe from and have 
> problems running it. I want to run it as a non-administrator-user to 
> just download the files. So I say "Just downlioad", then I give it the 
> proxy settings for my network.
> The first problem is an empty mirror list. Then I add mirror urls and 
> try to proceed but it is unable to retrieve the setup.bz2/.ini from 
> any of the different mirrors. I checked the setup.log but it does not 
> give any error codes or reasons why downloading failed. I appended my 
> complete mirror log. I am running WinXP Professional SP2.
> Of course I searched the mailinglist. The posts that resembled my 
> problem were answered with "Try another mirror". Well I tried all the 
> mirrors in this log in my Firefox. I double-checked the proxy settings.
> Is there a way to make setup.exe output errors in more detail ?

/var/log/setup.log.full is pretty much it.  However, setup is not really doing anything very sophisticated -- it tries to retrieve using the connection method specified.  The errors indicate that it was unable to connect.

Trying another mirror doesn't help because setup cannot even retrieve the mirror list from

Can you retrieve the contents of the above URL using your browser (IE, in particular)?  If not, first get that to work, and then try setup again.
If you can, then there may be a problem with setup, since I see that you're using IE5 settings to connect.  Another option is to try "Direct connection".
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