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Tue Feb 5 20:15:00 GMT 2008

Greg Chicares-2 wrote:
> What system-specific issues do you expect to encounter,
> or have you encountered on other platforms?
I personally dont know. Im trying to compile source code with makefiles that
I did not make myself.  The ReadMe that comes with it tells me to run these

% cd /usr/local/hsf
% make -f makefile.mak instarch INSTARCH=<arch>
% make -f makefile.mak bare
% make -f makefile.mak depend
% make -f makefile.mak install

The first make invocation uses the instarch option to install
architecture-dependent files required to support the compilation and
execution of the distribution’s programs and libraries. The actual
architecture is defined by replacing the argument <arch> with one of the
extensions listed in Table 2. ( SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM's AIX,  DEC OSF
(Digital UNIX), or IRIX ) For example, “INSTARCH=sun” must be used
to compile the distribution on computers running SunOS 4.1.X. If you are
installing this software on a machine not listed in Table 2, you first need
to determine which set of architecture-dependent files is most similar to
those required by your particular computer. Invoke make using the instarch
option with INSTARCH set to the closest known architecture.

When I run "make -f makefile.mak depend" depending on what architecture i
specify I either get "language M not recognized" or it tells me that my
headers and C files cant be found. So im takin a stab in the dark and
guessing that choosing the closest architecture is a good place to start. 

Greg Chicares-2 wrote:
> Are you using autotools?
no :confused:
as I said in the previous reply (and as youve undoubtly grasped by now) Im
new to *Nix.
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