problem with setup

Amadeus W.M.
Wed Feb 6 01:24:00 GMT 2008

I am (was) running cygwin under XP at work. It was installed a while back 
by IT. Everything gets done through IT. They are primarily windows people 
and they left out some important packages like man and others. So I asked 
them to reinstall. I can't install the missing packages myself, they have 
to download whatever I need, scan it for viruses, pack it somehow, then 
install it on my machine. 

Long story short, when all planets were in alignment, I ran setup to do 
an installation from scratch (over my existing installation). 
Accidentally, I had a shell open (I run bash in rxvt). At some point the 
installer wanted to uninstall bash, it failed. I closed the shell and I 
told it to retry, but it kept failing so I pressed cancel. I ran setup 
again (several times) and at each time I would get an error that setup 
crashed, please inform Microsoft . I said no, but the installer would 
hang. Always when it was trying to uninstall bash. 

Cygwin did install properly on other co-workers' machines, so I imagine I 
caused the whole thing by having the shell open the first time. The 
question is what do I do now? I don't even know where to start. 

Is there a way to completely remove cygwin as if it was never there? Do I 
have to clean up some entries in the registry? Delete /cygdrive/c/cygwin? 
I'm a linux guy, I have no idea what to do in windows. 

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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