Can not log in to recently enabled/configured sshd service

Alfred von Campe
Wed Feb 6 18:48:00 GMT 2008

> If you want this enabled indelibly just for the sshd service and  
> you don't
> want to go skulking around in the registry, you can re-run ssh-host- 
> config
> and specify 'smbntsec' as one of the settings when it asks you what  
> you want
> for the service.  This is a good thing to do because it allows you  
> to be
> specific about the settings each service gets.  Otherwise, if you  
> want the
> setting globally, just set it in the CYGWIN environment variable and
> restart all Cygwin services.

I'm getting really strange behavior now from the Cygwin sshd  
service.  I'm going to completely redo the Cygwin installation by  
following these steps:

   1. Stop all services (I believe I only have sshd)
   2. Remove all services
   3. Remove Cygwin directory
   4. Remove all Cygwin Registry keys
   5. Reinstall Cygwin
   6. Rerun ssh-host-config

Is there anything I should pay close attention to when I go through  
this reinstallation/reconfiguration process?


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