Updated: clisp-2.44-1 for cygwin

Reini Urban rurban@x-ray.at
Thu Feb 7 09:42:00 GMT 2008

Mark Harig schrieb:
> Reini Urban wrote:
>> I've released the new upstream clisp-2.44 plus subpackages -clx, -gtk2 
>> and -gdi for cygwin.
>> Release focus:
>> 7 - Major bugfixes
>> ./configure --fsstnd=redhat --with-dynamic-ffi  \
>>   --with-module=rawsock --with-module=dirkey  \
>>   --with-module=bindings/win32 --with-module=berkeley-db \
>>   --with-module=pcre --with-module=postgresql \
>>   --with-module=fastcgi --with-module=zlib  \
>>   --with-module=gdbm --with-module=libsvm \
>>   --prefix=/usr --build build
>> (no changes)
>> http://clisp.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/clisp/clisp/src/NEWS
>> 2.44 (2008-02-02)
>> =================
>> User visible changes
>> --------------------
>> * CLISP does not come with GNU libffcall anymore.
>>   This is now a separate package and should be installed separately.
>>   Pass --with-libffcall-prefix to the top-level configure if it is not
>>   installed in a standard place.
>>   Option --with-dynamic-ffi is now replaced with --with-ffcall.
> There appears to be a contradiction between the Cygwin announcement
> and the upstream clisp announcement.  The upstream announcement states
> that the configuration option '--with-dynamic-ffi' has been replaced by
> the option '--with-ffcall', but the Cygwin announcement states that the
> no-longer-supported '--with-dynamic-ffi' configuration option was used.

I couldn't get it with --with-ffcall to find the ffcall libs on my build 
machine, --with-dynamic-ffi works still fine. On my development laptop 
--with-ffcall worked okay.
The end product is the same.

> Does the Cygwin announcement merely contain a typo (i.e., the new
> option was, in fact, used, but not described correctly), or was the
> Cygwin clisp package configured incorrectly, using the old option?
> If it is the latter, then this might explain the fact that 'cygcheck' 
> reports
> that it cannot find 'cygfcgi-0.dll' for 
> /lib/clisp-[version]/full/lisp.exe (where
> [version] is either 2.43 or 2.44).

cygfcgi-0.dll should have been pulled in by libfcgi0 in the require 
line. Accidently I added ffcall and not libfcgi0 there.
This is wrong. ffcall is just a build time requirement, not run-time. 
Linked statically.

I've uploaded a fixed clisp setup.hint now.

Temp. workaround:
To work with clisp -K full you need to install fastcgi
and install a temp. libpq5-8.2.5 I just uploaded now.
Download and Reinstall clisp should work, until I up the release number 
to -2.
Reini Urban
http://phpwiki.org/  http://murbreak.at/
http://helsinki.at/  http://spacemovie.mur.at/

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