Cygwin OCFS support (or lack of)

doron cs
Thu Feb 7 17:52:00 GMT 2008

Hi all .
I wish to report a problem concerning Cygwin OCFS support.
I have installed Oracle Clusterware on 2 windows 2003 machined
connected to a shared storage .
Using that configuration I am protecting a single instance Oracle 11g Database .
I use a great deal of Cygwin based scripts to maintain / backup /
monitor my database and attempted to implement my procedures in the
Clusterware solution .
I have discovered that there are serious problems using Cygwin on OCFS
The first thing I noticed was the bash AutoComplete does not work .
The reason is that I am not able to list any content of any directory
under OCFS .
This is defiantly not a permissions problem .
I am able to perform any action if I know the complete path of
everything (read write and edit files) but I am completely "blind"

Here is a small example
In my configuration C:\ and D:\ are local NTFS filesystem and P:\ is a
shared OCFS filesystem  (Shared as in located on the shared storage

This is the output of df
$ df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
                      60620800   5898632  54722168  10% /usr/bin
                      60620800   5898632  54722168  10% /usr/lib
D:\software\cygwin    60620800   5898632  54722168  10% /
c:                    10485580   5156852   5328728  50% /cygdrive/c
d:                    60620800   5898632  54722168  10% /cygdrive/d
m:                    11534636     55488  11479148   1% /cygdrive/m
n:                    11534636     45320  11489316   1% /cygdrive/n
o:                     3148708    307844   2840864  10% /cygdrive/o
p:                    12578860    343828  12235032   3% /cygdrive/p
r:                    41929616   5989036  35940580  15% /cygdrive/r
v:                     3140676     66560   3074116   3% /cygdrive/v

Output of ls on C:\
$ ls /cygdrive/c
RECYCLER                   WINDOWS   compaq  hpP2PAgent.log
pagefile.sys  wmpub
CONFIG.SYS    Documents and Settings  MSDOS.SYS  Program Files  System
Volume Information  boot.ini  hp      ntldr           tem

Output of windows dir command on the same location
dir C:\
 Volume in drive C is C
 Volume Serial Number is 7CE1-4786

 Directory of C:\

12/13/2006  01:36 PM                 0 AUTOEXEC.BAT
12/13/2006  02:11 PM    <DIR>          compaq
12/13/2006  01:36 PM                 0 CONFIG.SYS
11/01/2007  08:32 AM    <DIR>          CPQSYSTEM
12/09/2007  09:45 AM    <DIR>          Documents and Settings
11/01/2007  08:37 AM    <DIR>          hp
02/04/2008  02:55 PM    <DIR>          Program Files
02/07/2008  04:34 PM    <DIR>          temp
02/04/2008  03:04 PM    <DIR>          WINDOWS
12/13/2006  01:37 PM    <DIR>          wmpub
               2 File(s)              0 bytes
               8 Dir(s)   5,456,617,472 bytes free

Now ls on an OCFS volume (P)
$ ls /cygdrive/p

It is not a mistake - the output is empty
Now the output of dir on P:\
dir P:
 Volume in drive P is DISK-P
 Volume Serial Number is FFFF-FFFF

 Directory of P:\

02/07/2008  04:35 PM    <DIR>          .
02/07/2008  12:58 PM    <DIR>          ora_exp
02/07/2008  01:31 PM    <DIR>          backup
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
               3 Dir(s)  12,528,672,768 bytes free

If I cd into a directory that I know exists I succeed
For example :
$ cd /cygdrive/p/ora_exp

Pwd will show my correct location :
$ pwd
But again ls will not return any responces :

All scripts that parse input from stdin come out blank

I have found No hits on Oracle or on cygwin
Has anyone encountered the issue ?
Can anyone  follow up ?

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