Can not log in to recently enabled/configured sshd service

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Feb 7 18:25:00 GMT 2008

On Feb  7 17:51, Dave Korn wrote:
> On 07 February 2008 16:16, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> > It's not about speed, it's about problems with Samba remote shares.
>   Oh, thanks for the correction :)
> > smbntsec doesn't work well with Samba if you don't run an integrated
> > domain environment which includes your Samba machines.
>   Ah, I thought that - because it affects all remote drives - it was SMB
> specific, rather than Samba specific.  So if you're using real 'doze CIFS/SMB
> shares from a 'doze server, you'd want smbntsec on all the time?

In theory Windows smb shares should work fine, as long as your SID has
permissions on the share.

Given that we can identify samba shares for some time (and given that
upcoming Samba shares will have a unique identification mechanism (see
which makes live even more easy) we could let smbntsec only affect
Samba shares instead of all remote shares.  But that requires some
volunteer testing of smbntsec with Windows remote shares and some
definitive positive feedback on this list.


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