Uninstalling Cygwin

Sylvain RICHARD sr75pro@free.fr
Fri Feb 8 10:02:00 GMT 2008

Remko Arts wrote:
> Hello, 
> I've installed Cygwin with the ssh package. Now I want to uninstall
> Cygwin, but get the message Windows is unable to delete .ssh. Seems some
> exotic file protection is in place Windows can't handle. The only
> removal instructions I can find for windows are "delete the complete
> cygwin directory", which is, as mentioned impossible by normal means.
> Any suggestions?
Are you running as the same user the .ssh file is for?

Anyway, you can reset the ACLs to delete the file (approximative 
translations, I run a French version of windows):
- In explorer, do a right click on the offending file(s)
- Properties
- In the Security tab, click Advanced
- Reset ownership if necessary (third tab). If you do this, it may be 
necessary to close and reopen the "advanced" security properties
- Set permissions as resuired in the first tab (grant yourself "full 
control" for example)

If what you see does not match what I describe, beware of "simple file 
permissions" in tools/options/dsplay.

Hope that helps


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