Uninstalling Cygwin

Warren Young warren@etr-usa.com
Sat Feb 9 02:47:00 GMT 2008

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Good point.  Do you (or anyone) want to suggest some wording for that
> section of the FAQ?

I think the biggest problem with the FAQ is that the first page you come 
to doesn't list all of the questions.  You have to figure out what 
section to look in first.  In this case, we have a problem akin to 
Windows' "Start" brain damage: the item on uninstalling is on the page 
about installing.

If the entire TOC was on a single page, you could use your browser's 
Find command to look for questions with likely titles.

Yes, I'm aware of the nochunked version of the FAQ, and that's not what 
I'm asking for.  You can have chunking of the document body and still 
control what shows up in the TOC section by overriding DocBook defaults.

Some of these links may help:


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