Cygwin OCFS support (or lack of)

Robert Pendell
Sun Feb 10 14:22:00 GMT 2008

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doron cs wrote:
| Hi Corinna
| I have performed the strace ls'ing an OCFS partition .
| However , we currently dont have gcc installed on our systems .
| so compiling the code you sent will take more time .
| I have attached the ocfs_debug.txt to this message
| It was generated by running the following command :
| shroot@rnd-crs-1-mgu-1 /cygdrive/d/kits
| $ strace ls -l /cygdrive/p > ocfs_debug.txt 2>&1
| NOTE - /cygdrive/p is an OCFS partition
| Hope it will help
| Best Regards
| Doron
| On Feb 7, 2008 8:14 PM, Corinna Vinschen <>
|> On Feb  7 19:07, doron cs wrote:
|>> [OCFS]
|>> I have found No hits on Oracle or on cygwin
|>> Has anyone encountered the issue ?
|>> Can anyone  follow up ?
|> None of the base developers of Cygwin has access to an OCFS file system.
|> To get this working in future Cygwin releases, we need somebody (you?)
|> for debugging.  Output from `strace ls' might sched some light on this
|> issue.  Or, even better, you build a debug version of Cygwin and use GDB
|> for some serious debugging.  The relevant functions are in
|> and
|> Apart from that, would you mind to run the attached application?
|> Just build it and run it like this:
|>   $ gcc -g -o GetVolInfo GetVolInfo.c -lntdll
|>   $ ./GetVolInfo /cygdrive/p
|> Paste the output in a reply to this list.
|> Thanks,
|> Corinna
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Well I thought to take my hand at it and see what the strace looked
like.  I followed it against a good strace from one of my own local
directories.  If you search for fhandler_disk_file::opendir you will
find that it fails with error 2 which appears to make subsequent
attempts to access information fail (errno 89).  You will only find one
reference to that handler.  Afterwards it silently fails.

Please correct me if I am wrong here.

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