CYGWIN - This Private Key Will Be Ignored

Thorsten Kampe
Sun Feb 10 18:29:00 GMT 2008

*  (Sun, 10 Feb 2008 08:49:02 -0500)
> For some reason I am now seeing the following in my ssh login screen
> and I am unable to use my CVS...

We really enjoy this colourful impression of your desktop but I 
suggest you would /copy and paste/ the error into this article.

Please refer to "7363 » How do I Copy / Paste between a command 
prompt, or MS-DOS program, and a Windows program? 23-Oct-03"[1] if you 
don't know how to do that.

> My ISP tells me that the server is aok and nothing has changed to
> cause this.
> Can you advise a cause and/or a solution???

I suggest that you actually /read/ the error message. It is pretty 
self explaining.
> As always, your assistance is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

You're welcome.


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