whitespace in variables (tsch)

Christopher Stack deepstructure@gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 22:45:00 GMT 2008

hi all,

first time cygwin user and im running into a problem when setting
location variables on a pc.  since the pc uses whitespace (like
c:/Program Files), setting a variable as a direction to this location
seems impossible.  how do you get tsch to parse the variable properly?
 i've been searching google for the past two days and can't find a
solution.  it would seem other should have run into this previously,

and yes, please i've already heard all the arguments against
programming in csh and if i knew bash i'd use it.  thanks in advance
for not being *that* person.


"Space is on the verge of becoming an adventure again, Windows Vista
is flopping, and Mario Kart will be out for the Wii soon. I think the
future will be okay."
- xkcd

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