Debugging question

Eric Lilja
Tue Feb 12 03:07:00 GMT 2008

I have a native windows program (compiled using cygwin's gcc acting in 
mingw mode, with debugging information), can I debug it using cygwin's 
gdb? It's emacs I'm talking about and I'm trying to provide the 
developers information about a crash on windows vista. Doing this works 
$ gdb emacs
$ run -Q
$ bt
I see function names, files and line numbers involved before the crash. 
Now I want to put a breakpoint somewhere and print some variables when 
that breakpoint is hit. Can I do that in this scenario? If so, how do I 
make gdb find emacs sources? Doing
$ break /cygdrive/c/full/path/to/source/file:1337 doesn't work (No 
source file named blah blah).
If these questions, which basically is about gdb usage and mixing mingw 
compiled binaries with cygwin tools is considered off-topic, I sincerly 

- Eric Lilja

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