net-tool commands (ifconfig/route, etc.) on CygWin ??

Tue Feb 12 09:29:00 GMT 2008

    I have alot of scripts (approx. 1500) written for Linux.
I have now migrated to WinXP with CygWin.
I am not able to use my scripts here since most of them use following 
commands :-
ifconfig,route,iptables, etc., most of them related to Linux networking.

Can someone help me in getting these commands running in CygWin.

Please note that I have already tried following things:-
1. Tried installing net-tools RPM, but the error that I get is that 
"package is intended for Linux operating system"
2. Compiled net-tools from source on a linux machine and copied the 
binaries on CygWin.
Executing any binary results in the following error message :-
"Cannot execute binary file".

Note that I don't want to use netsh or ipconfig, since that will mean 
rewriting the scripts.

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