Success in accessing network shares on windows through sshd

Jani Saksa
Tue Feb 12 22:26:00 GMT 2008

If I understand correctly you can't normally see or access mapped 
network drives on windows when remotely logged through cygwin sshd, but 
I found a way and I have a couple questions:

1st: Why is it not possible when remotely logged with a user account 
that can access the shares through local cygwin shell?

2nd: If I start a screen locally and them log in remotely and attach the 
screen I can access those shares just like I can when running cygwin 
shell locally - it does make sense but why is this possible while it's 
not possible with plain remote login shell?

Peace & Love,
   Jani a.k.a. Sir Robin * +358 44 927 3992 *

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