bash init failing on cygwin terminal launch

Rowe, Thomas
Wed Feb 13 20:54:00 GMT 2008

>>> When I launch a cygwin terminal I see this line:
>>>        : No such file or directoryand Settings/rowet/.bashrc
>>> Then I am dumped into a bash prompt where .bashrc hasn't been read
and I
>>> think the normal bash config stuff hasn't finished either.  If I
>>> 'bash[return]' from this screwed-up login everything works fine.
>>> Obviously something is tripping up on the space in
>>> and Settings\rowet'.  
>> Maybe so, but you also got a CR lineending in there, which is why the
>> message wrote over itself in that characteristic way.  You probably
>> /etc/profile or one of the other scripts using
>> To figure out exactly where, open a cmd.exe shell, cd into your
cygwin bin
>> dir, and run "bash --login -i -x".  You should be able to follow
>> getting invoked when that way; then just run d2u on the offending
> The tail of `bash --login -i -x` is:
> 	+ cd '/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/rowet'
> 	+ case `id -ng` in
> 	++ id -ng
> 	' . '/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/rowet/.bashrc
> 	: No such file or directory and Settings/rowet/.bashrc
> I cannot figure out the failing script from this.  The `id -ng` stuff
is from the end of /etc/profile, so I guess /etc/profile gets through
OK.  I ran dos2unix against /etc/profile and .bashrc to no effect.

Doh. Nevermind.  dos2unix run against ~/.profile fixed the problem.
Thank you David Korn.

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