Perl with SerialPort

Wed Feb 13 23:07:00 GMT 2008

I installed my cygin on a winXP platform and want to make use of some perl
scripts, which are used from some makefiles.
So there are two possibilities for me:
1. Use Windows Perl and install Win32::SerialPort 
 - Works find, i can run my makefiles in cygwin, which use perl scripts, but
the perl scripts itself are written for linux, so the compilation crashes
because of some path issues (../common/lib not found). Windows dont know
what to do with this path for sure
2. User Cygwin Perl
 - Works with the other part. Very nice, all files are found and every thing
seems fine, exept the fact, that the system crashes now during serial port
use with the message "cant find". So that correct, that file
does not exist.

So the question is: i would like to prefer no 2. For that i have to install
SerialPort for Perl for cygwin.

Is this possible, and if yes, could you tell me how?

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